Setting Up Your Garage Door Safety Sensors

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These days, safety sensors are mandatory and garage doors that do not have this feature should immediately be replaced. Safety sensors are just one among the many improvements in garage door systems. Most, if not all, commercial garage doors come with security features such as safety sensors as this is mandated by the law. However, there are still some households that continue to use old model garage doors and   these do not come with the security features. If you know someone in your neighborhood or if you are one of the homeowners that still use the old model garage doors, that means garage doors that have been built before 1982, immediately replace your garage door and forward the advise to your neighbors.

If you have bought a new garage door, you can now enjoy a safer garage door. But first, you will need to set up the safety sensor. Here is a useful article to help you set up your garage door safety sensors easily.

Read The Manual

Manufacturers of the safety sensors include manuals with their product. The manual contains all the step-by step instructions so be sure to read it carefully. Before doing any of the steps, make sure that you understand what it means.

Installing The Sensors

If you have old ones installed, turn it off and uninstall it. There is no need to remove the old mountings as you can still use it for the new sensors that you will be installing. When installing the new sensors, check that it is aligned and only put on the screws when the sensors are in place.

Testing Your Garage Door Sensors

To make sure that your safety sensors are working, do some tests until you are satisfied that it works well. If it is not working, read the manual once again. You may have missed one important step or may have done something incorrectly. Uninstall the safety sensors if necessary and redo the part where you have made a mistake. You can also have a professional check it out for you.