Comparison Of Two Garage Doors Types

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You might be wondering if it’s better to buy a garage door that uses hinges or one that slides to open or close. Both types of garage door have been tried and tested by many homeowners however if you would like to know about each type, here is an informative article about the side-hinged garage door and the sliding type of garage door.

Hinged Garage Doors

This type of garage door is most preferred by homeowners due to its simple operation. The hinged garage doors can be a single piece of wood or metal that swings to one side of the garage or it could be made of two parts that open in the middle, just like a cabinet door, and swings to each side of the garage door. The doors are held on the side by heavy-duty hinges. So you can see why most people prefer this kind of garage door. It is very easy to comprehend how it functions and there are no surprises for the homeowner. Some homeowners have also heard of accidents where heavy garage doors suddenly fall on people, pets, and vehicles and so they appreciate a hinged garage door all the more since there is really no danger of getting crushed or trapped by a heavy garage door.

Due to its simple operation, it is also very easy to maintain. A simple hinge replacement can be all that is needed to keep the door functional.

Sliding Garage Doors

When you don’t have a very big driveway or garage space, the sliding type of garage doors can be the most convenient choice. It opens and closes by sliding to the side of the garage door thus requiring very minimal space. This is very advantageous for homes that do not have very big garages and space for the car to maneuver. The door simply slides open and slides close. The sliding garage doors can be automated and this can make its operation faster, easier, and more convenient for the homeowners.